America's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

The signature Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip at this cute ice cream parlor and bakeshop is a rich, molten mass of a cookie, made from three types of chocolate.

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Tasty Throwbacks: 7 of L.A.'s Best Retro Desserts

"Milk's moon pies are much better than the packaged versions that we snuck into the shopping carts as kids. House made marshmallows and graham crackers are sandwiched and then dipped in dark chocolate in this special old-school treat."

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LA Weekly 10 Best Milkshakes in Los Angeles

The Milky Way Malt at Milk is stellar. Certainly more than the sum of its parts, this blend of vanilla ice cream, malted milk and chocolate-caramel syrup combines in such perfect proportion that they're altogether elevated to a kind of supernova flavor status.

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Max Greenfield, star of Fox's "New Girl," gives a shout out to MILK as one of his favorite spots in LA!

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Culinary SOS: Molasses cookies from Milk

Dear SOS: Milk has the best molasses cookies I've ever had. My entire family adores them, and I would love to be able to make them for my dad on his 66th birthday. Please help?
Dear Reader: Milk was happy to share its recipe for molasses cookies with us. These are thin and rich, so have a big glass of milk at the ready — it's all but impossible to eat just one.

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LA WEEKLY 30 scoops in 30 days

On summer nights like these, the store always seems to have a line. There's a reason. Milk has elevated dairy desserts to an art form, using superior ingredients to stamp out classic American treats both timeless and thoroughly modern.

Serious Eats: 8 Ice Cream Sandwiches We Love

Though they take one of the most delicate cookies as their muse, these macaron-inspired ice cream sandwiches are anything but dainty. Milk's massive 'wiches are also colossal in flavor, available in varieties like red velvet, Thai ice tea, and salted caramel, and often coated with thick icing glazes for good measure.

Los Angeles: 8 Ice Cream Sanwiches We Love
The 10 Tastiest Ice Cream Joints in L.A.

This is the spot to go to when you want to go all-out and impress your friends. Order up a Warm Ooey Gooey Chocolate Sundae, Espresso à la Mode, or The Milky Way Malt and call it an afternoon.

The 10 Tastiest Ice Cream Joints In L.A.
Daily Candy - Brain Freeze

Chosen by Daily Candy as one of the 5 best places for frozen treats in Los Angeles!

Los Angeles Magazine Best of LA 2010

Winner of Los Angeles Magazine's "Best of LA 2010" award for our outstanding hot chocolate!

LA Times

The Top 10 recipes of 2009... featuring Milk's ooey-gooey double-chocolate cookies.

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LA Weekly certainly more than an ice cream parlor but cannot escape its destiny — pure, sweet, cold dairy perfection.

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Got Milk?

MILK is working with the GOT MILK team. We created their Summer 2008 and Thanksgiving 2008 recipes.

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Town & Country

Got Milk? You'll find lactose treats and other delights at this creamery inspired restaurant...

Beverly Hills Courier

Milk's ooey-gooey...what a treat, with that “whole lotta” rich bittersweet chocolate bursting onto your palate as you chew.

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LA Dairy Competition

At the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition,
MILK won:

* GOLD medal for Banana dulce de leche almond ice cream cake
* GOLD medal for Vanilla Bean ice cream flavor
* SILVER medal for Coffee Toffee ice cream flavor
* BRONZE medal for Chocolate ice cream flavor

Yahoo! Finance

MILK's homemade ice cream, malts, breads, cakes and soups bring delight (not to mention the inner child!) to those who enjoy nothing but the best.

Metro Source

Milk is totally serious about sweets.

LA Times

At Milk, American ice cream gets the epicurean treatment.

Daily Candy

Reason No. 323 to dig California: year-round ice cream weather. Reason No. 324: Milk, a newly opened cafe/bakery/ice creamery where old-fashioned faves get gourmet treatment (sans 'tude).

Daily Candy Sweetest Things

Los Angeles Winner's Circle

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Featured Press

Best Cookies In LA: In Honor Of The Cookie Monster's Birthday, We Present The Most Delicious Cookie Options Our City Has To Offer

See how we chart on The Huffington Post's list of the most delicious cookies in Los Angeles!

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Snack Time! Sweet Sammies and Stuff at MILK

File MILK on Beverly BLvd. under L.A.’s Most Useful Fast Casual Restaurants + Sweet Shops. Stopping at Milk makes good sense when you’re faced with a range of appetites and needs. Someone can eat a substantial savory meal while other folks have a major dose of sweets, or both, or somewhere in between.

Snack Time! Sweet Sammies and Stuff at MILK
Keeping cool in L.A.: Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The brightly colored sandwiches are made of fresh macarons and ice cream flavors such as grasshopper (mint chip), Thai tea, rocky road, coffee toffee and red velvet.

Keeping cool in L.A.: Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
EAT: The Food Lover's Guide to Los Angeles

Ice cream creations like the grasshopper ice cream sandwich or banana-peanut malt, creative cakes like Blue Velvet, and delicate cookies. Oh, and the vanilla-bean ice cream bar dipped in superb dark chocolate.

EAT: The Food Lover's Guide to Los Angeles
LA Weekly - LA's Ice Cream Sandwich Spots

Beat The Heat: A Round-Up of L.A.'s Ice Cream Sandwich Spots

Louis Vuitton Guide to LA

Milk is the epitome of "good things," featuring every dessert you craved when you were seven years old...

MILK movie

MILK hosted the Milk movie promotion sponsored by Focus Features & LA Weekly.

LA Direct

Does a body good...

Metro Pop

Whether you select a flaky croissant that sends your mind drifting to thoughts of strolling along the Left Bank, a slice of loaf cake, a muffin or their delicious glazed red berry scone, your taste buds will enjoy any of their homemade breakfast treats.

Business Week

Indeed, the shop harkens back to a time before the advent of giant retail chains that dish up mass-produced ice cream trucked in from miles away. At MILK, everything is not only made by hand, it's made on site. In other words, independents that make or grow food are finding that small just might be the new big.

LA Weekly

When I brought three dozen Milkys into the office the other day, they drew crowds like the Pied Piper.

Bon Apetit

Milkie Way Malt

La Voix de Meiji

A Japanese food magazine


MILK is no Dud

Point De Vue

Milk, located on Beverly Boulevard, is the best ice cream in Los Angeles.

Henri Bendel - The Bendel Girl City Guide

Long day of shopping have you beat? Hit up Milk - the sweet spot for shakes and sherbet, cookies and confections.